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Your staff is so friendly! Your doctors are so thoughtful and kind! I can't believe I ever went anywhere else. Your practice rocks! I love it, and I'm encouraging all of my friends and family to take their beloved pets to you!

Melissa Richter

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I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else. GREAT staff.

Judy Cirafisi

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If you want great care for your furry kids and a staff that really care this is the place.

Tammy Charissis

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Jefferson Veterinary Hospital is my ideal vet because the place has it all; from amazing Dr. Scoda to friendly staff to tidy place to wonderful treatments and I can go on. To make it simple and sweet, I've never ever felt so comfortable bringing my precious Pomeranian and knowing that they will take a good care of him. Not only that, they don't ever rip me off. They always want the best for our furry kids!

If anyone is looking for a fantastic Dr., I'd recommend Dr. Scoda! She is super sweet, intelligent, caring, and her positive aura that always assures me everything will be ok. She simply rocks! Batman and I miss her so much as we had to move away. 🙁 whoever has her as your furry doctor, your a lucky duck!

Michelle and Batma

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Today was my first time at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital. I brought in my 2 lb Yorkie for her first check up. I loved it! From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and the staff was so friendly. Hopefully I will be moving all of my pets here!

Julie Seuffert

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Today was my first visit to Jefferson Vet. I am new to the area and was recommended to go here from Camp Bow Wow. I am so glad I listened. The appointment started on time, which is a big plus for me. The staff was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.


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Picture this: late evening on a Friday you discover your beloved Great Dane is covered from snout to tail in hives for an unknown reason. In this moment, you think of all the things that could possibly be wrong. I called Jefferson Veterinary Hospital at 5:58pm on September 11 (they closed at 6) - while on hold, my wife and I loaded her up and we drove at warp speed hoping Dr. Bryce would see us quickly. After making it from North Greece in about 15 minutes, he checked her over, gave her a shot to counteract the hives and gave us written instructions for the weekend. It was this evening that we realized we are "those" dog parents but our Great Dane is the love of our life and this hospital recognizes that. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Katie & Marcia Maar

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My first visit here was a 10/10. I would highly recommend coming here and meeting with the staff to see how wonderful, dedicated, and nice the people are that work here. I just adopted a Doberman min pin mix, and called them for an emergency appointment because she had multiple seizures in one day. Dr. Colleen Scoda-Hagadorn was able to squeeze me into her already crazy schedule the following day and gave me one of the best experiences a dog owner can have: the security of knowing your dog will be alright under her care. I would easily give 100% trust to her due to her professionalism and her knowledge in the field of medicine. Thank you for everything thus far. I would would like to thank Jennifer for being extremely kind to me on the phone and giving me a bag for all the medicine and paper work. It's the small things that make a big difference. Finally, I would like to thank Jessica and Brandon for being the supporting staff members to make Addy calm and steady. You guys rock, and without you two being there this would've never been that great of an experience. It is very clear you two are dog lovers, and I can't wait to have Addy see you again in the future!

Overall, this is an amazing place to go to if you're wondering where to take your pet. You have earned another very loyal client.

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We have recommended Dr. Bryce to all of our friends. He is the most caring and considerate animal Dr. On the planet! He cares for our dogs as if they were his own. Weather we are home or out of town!

Paul and Joanie Strowe