Would Highly Recommend Coming Here


January 4, 2018

My first visit here was a 10/10. I would highly recommend coming here and meeting with the staff to see how wonderful, dedicated, and nice the people are that work here. I just adopted a Doberman min pin mix, and called them for an emergency appointment because she had multiple seizures in one day. Dr. Colleen Scoda-Hagadorn was able to squeeze me into her already crazy schedule the following day and gave me one of the best experiences a dog owner can have: the security of knowing your dog will be alright under her care. I would easily give 100% trust to her due to her professionalism and her knowledge in the field of medicine. Thank you for everything thus far. I would would like to thank Jennifer for being extremely kind to me on the phone and giving me a bag for all the medicine and paper work. It’s the small things that make a big difference. Finally, I would like to thank Jessica and Brandon for being the supporting staff members to make Addy calm and steady. You guys rock, and without you two being there this would’ve never been that great of an experience. It is very clear you two are dog lovers, and I can’t wait to have Addy see you again in the future!

Overall, this is an amazing place to go to if you’re wondering where to take your pet. You have earned another very loyal client.